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I’ve been in the games industry for around a decade now and it refuses to stop being the best job ever. 


My first gig was during my 3rd year at University, doing character design and comic illustration for Flaming Pumpkin, a Birmingham based start-up. The guys there were so supportive and hillarious I was immediately bitten by the game dev bug.


In 2013, I moved to Bristol (a city I love even more than it loves itself) and joined Opposable Games, a small Bristol-based studio, as a junior artist. I met some of my favourite people ever and have ended up with friends and heroes for life. 


After 2 years of doing everything from Illustration, animation, game design and pitch documents, to 3D modelling, UI design and management, I left Opposable as lead artist to enter the world of freelance animation.


The variety of work and the people I have worked with since becoming a freelancer has been incredible. I’ve done motion capture acting and 3D animation for Aardman, conceptualising and animating tempests for the RSC, and have art directed my first Console and PC release 'Dead End Job’.


I now wander the earth, animating for those in need and meeting awesome people along the way. If that sounds like something you could use or you are interested in getting started in game animation and could use a friendly chat, gimme a shout. I do my best work after several cheeseburgers.  

About Me
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